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Lead change, think big, take action!

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Change Catalysts

We are catalysts of change, contributing to trustworthy and successful work environments.

Development and Transformation Processes

We are your trusted partner for processes of organizational change, transformation and evolution of personal and team leadership.

Customized Support Solutions

We offer the best solutions to support processes of cultural transformation, from its design to the implementation “mindset, skillset and toolset”.
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Lead change, think big and take action!


In an environment of constant change, living in coherence with ourselves, respecting ourselves and our environment, taking responsibility for our own actions and our impact on the environment around us, requires courage. Courage to confront ourselves in the first place, who we are, what we want, and courage to make decisions aligned with our thoughts and feelings. In this environment, you will find a partner in TLeadGo to make the changes you want.

We firmly believe that people make a difference in organizations.

What type of leader
is in you?


Purpose, beliefs and principles

Our purpose: be change catalysts, contributing to working environments that are trustworthy and successful, providing value for society.

We are triggered to reveal the leader that each person has within them, contributing to the “systems” to which we belong, especially the work environment, to become environments of trust, happier and successful. We accompany our clients in processes of personal development, team development and processes of cultural change, combining different methodologies, services and proven and successful tools that enhance change and its sustainability over time.
Our beliefs are based on the following principles:

  • Each human being has the capacity to make decisions, lead his/her life, taking responsibility for it, taking responsibility for the impact everyone has with his/her behavior on his/her environment. It does not need “to be fixed/repaired”.
  • Everyone has a much greater potential than he thinks he has.
  • Each person has an impact on their environment, and we are all connected, we are all co-responsible for the reality we live in and the reality we create.
  • We create the conditions for changes to occur, for the customer to take action. It is the client's responsibility to get results.
  • We inspire the person to maximize their potential and achieve the goals they want.


Our Values





Did you know

What does TLeadGo mean?

Tleadgo responds to a need in society for:

  1. Increasing trust in our relationships (T, trust).
  2. Each person to take responsibility for their impact on the environment, make decisions, show personal leadership and co-leadership in the (collective) systems to which they belong, in which they play a role, so that positive changes occur (Lead).
  3. Changes to happen "asap", overcome fears, barriers, beliefs and make decisions and actions (Go!) From self-confidence and personal authority.

T: Trust, the basis of any relationship, with oneself and with others.

  • It is a T in addition to Transformation, "Team up" - teaming -, Transparency.

Lead: decide.

  • It is an incitement to dare to change, to do something different.

Go: it is the determination, the movement, the action.

  • Thoughts turn into reality if there is an action, we make dreams and ideas come true.

Alma mater

María Teresa Alonso. Founder and CEO of TLeadGo. Passionate about the development of personal and organizational leadership.

María Teresa starts Tleadgo in 2016 after 23 years of work experience in companies such as CICSA, Alfa Laval and especially Krauthammer, where she lived her most extensive and intense work experience, fully dedicating her last 16 years to training activities and consulting-based coaching, doing a job that she loves, and where she had the chance to develop her skills and play different roles.

After forty years of activity in the sector, she was the first woman in the Krauthammer Steering Committee during the years of crisis, undertaking and supporting the Latin American market.

During all her professional career, María Teresa developed customer orientation skills, learned the business world, and developed her relationships, negotiations, Influencing skills, and lived and still lives key values as rigor/quality in the work she does, respect ​​and teamwork.


TLEADGO in numbers

Training hours
Transformation processes
Leaders trained
Development plans
Development processes
Customer satisfaction98%
Will you recommend Tleadgo?97%
Differentiating solutions
Tailored Solutions

We co-create with you to get results

Our goal is to offer you complete solutions, putting at your service our experience and knowledge, as well as our extensive multidisciplinary network of trusted partners (nationally and internationally).

The best solution for a client requires a good understanding of their desire for change, their starting point, as well as a partnership, a joint work that ensures the alignment of the solution and takes care of the details of the implementation to obtain the best results.

For each customized solution we work:

  • With people in all their dimensions, all their roles.
  • With the relationships between all people involved.
  • With the teams, promoting the understanding and alignment between their members and with the rest of the teams with which they relate.
We design and combine solutions tailored to the needs of our most demanding clients.


  • In cultural change processes
  • Adaptation of development programs
  • Co-creation and creation of on-line pills, videos
  • Creation of ad-hoc materials

Team Coaching

  • In change processes
  • Purpose Identification, Ways of Working
  • Work Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Improvement of communication, trust and cooperation


  • Communication skills
  • Leadership, Management and Coaching Competencies
  • Sales Competencies-Negotiation
  • Train the Trainer, Train the Coach and Train the Consultant


  • Virtual/Remote
  • Presence
  • Workshops with general topics: feedback, communication styles...
  • Special workshops with partners (i.e "The 3 Brains Theory")

Personal/Executive Coaching

  • 1:1 solutions (face-to-face coaching)
  • Telephone sessions
  • Virtual sessions (Zoom, Skype)
  • Shadow coaching

Assessment & eTools

  • TTI Success Insights: DISC, EQ, Competencies
  • The Leadership Circle: The Leadership Circle Profile and Leadership Culture
  • Team Coaching International: Team Diagnostic Assessment
  • Harthill: Leadership Development Framework
  • EQ-i 2.0: Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Our focus

TLeadGo is born from an spirit of cooperation, not competition. Its success is based on cooperation with other trusted partners experts in the solution you are looking for.


A recent publication of the Harvard Business Review highlights that comparing people who work in companies where trust is low, with people who work in others with high trust, studies say the latter show:

more of ENERGY at work

Customized solutions

Different methodologies and partnerships to obtain the desired results.


To make diagnoses of current state and desired future state, as well as adapt development programs and co-create content specifically for a program.

When there are M&A processes, there is a new CEO in the Organization, the Management Board changes , there is a new Company Strategy, or in the case of Family Businesses, there are generational changes, we must pay special attention to the response to this question: "How do we want to work together to achieve our goals?"

The drive for Cultural Change is the Management Board, who sets the course and the speed at which the results are to be achieved. Ensuring clarity in the interpretation of messages with clear principles of behavior is important.

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For the activation and development of leadership, management and coaching skills, as well as sales, negotiation and influence, or other transversal: stress management and personal organization, change management.

We also prepare trainers, coaches and consultants (Train the coach, Train the trainer and Train the consultant). We adapt the programs according to needs. We are not professors, we train, we prepare you and your team to take action.

A training process can be made intensive, or with a sequential methodology. It will depend on the results we want to obtain and the timeframes we give ourselves to achieve them. It is always action oriented, working the mindset of the participants, providing them with the tools.

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Individual Coaching

Individual solutions in order to accompany personal development processes or creative processes, both for middle management and senior management. We carry out telephone, virtual sessions (Zoom, Skype), as well as “shadow coaching” or coaching in the workplace.

A coaching process is an accompaniment process. Coach and coachee look to the future and walk together during the process, accelerating the desired changes.

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Team Coaching

To increase the motivation and productivity of the teams, working from their rationale and objectives, their values ​​and principles of behavior, roles and projects, KPIs.

A team is formed to have results. Team coaching contributes to a better understanding of the whole team of their needs, their strengths, their rhythms. It helps to integrate new members of the team, and to understand the dysfunctions of the team, overcome communication difficulties, favor the motivation and productivity of the team.

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We intervene in work meetings when the leader or leaders want to be an active part in the proposal of solutions and need objectivity in the process. Before intervening, we adjust expectations and specify what are the desired results of that meeting.

Likewise, we create and co-create workshops around topics of interest to the organization, usually involving more people than usual in a training process, favoring the debate and exchange of ideas, as well as the realization of action plans .

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We take a picture of the current competences of a person for a particular role, in order to validate him for a role, promotion and / or give him development to prepare him for that purpose. In addition, and in order to provide more detail in the diagnosis as well as in measuring the impact of the actions we perform, we have complementary tools to launch online, thanks to the certifications we have with our partners: TTI Success Insights, Team Coaching International and The Leadership Circle.

Some tools: Tests DISC, EQ, Competencies, Job benchmarking, 360º Leadership, Team Diagnostic Assessment, Team Organizational View, Leadership Development Framework….

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Professional network

Team of professional experts

Energy, Passion and Commitment to meet demanding customers needs.

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